Digital process management with ThreeNamic

We enable every business –from very small to large enterprise – to become more productive with our digital process management solution.

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ThreeNamic Platform

ThreeNamic is a modular solution for process management and process automation. The platform is operated as a SaaS platform and can be purchased as a monthly subscription on a user basis. The idea of the platform is to be able to map processes as dynamically as possible. All objects are abstracted in such a way that it is easy to open up completely new areas. The existing specializations e.g. in the logistics area, it can also be used in other sectors.

Our customers

From a technical point of view, ThreeNamic can be used in any company that uses standardized processes. Due to our innovation partners, we are currently concentrating on logistics, healthcare and industry with a focus on warehousing. All medium-sized companies are particularly interested in our solution because we can offer great flexibility even for a manageable budget.

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Value Proposition

As a process management platform, we replace every process currently managed on paper, by fax or in Excel with a uniform, digital platform. Our platform fulfills all legal requirements, e.g. the revision-proof storage of the data, the secure access to the platform also with 2-factor authentication and a high level of reliability.
The existing infrastructure for data import of all common industry standards (EDI, XML, JSON, etc.) and the assignment to processes created by drag and drop makes it easy to automate processes for companies of all sizes.
By using digital processes, you can concentrate our customers' employees on the essential tasks and the documentation effort is reduced to a minimum.

We're not the only ones who are impressed thrilled convinced of ThreeNamic…

ThreeNamic is built by our incredible team with the help of our friends and partners.