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ThreeNamic helps you to digitaly transform and automate your busines. With our easy to use process designer and the massive flexibility we help you to optimize your processes easily and keeping the costs down.

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State of the art process management system

ThreeNamic is built with modern technology by industry experts to enable every company - from small startups to global scale enterprises - to bring their business processes in the cloud and get more work done in less time.

Super High

Access from anywhere
at any time

Extremely easy
to customize

The Most Customizable, Solid and Tested Base

ThreeNamic offers a variety of options and features to build your processes and also has a very solid base that is improved and tested by professional developers and industry experts.

The Most Customizable Process Management System.
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why you should choose:


With ThreeNamic your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have selected the 6 top reasons to choose ThreeNamic. Check below:

Speed Performance

OPTIMIZED FOR your business

ThreeNamic adapts perfectly to your processes - not the other way around as with many competitors.

Speed Performance

SOLID AND TESTED software basis

ThreeNamic is rock solid and build with security and GDPR in mind.

Speed Performance

TOP DESIGNS CREATED BY Usability Specialists

The designs of all pages and modules included in ThreeNamic were created by usability experts and modern design standards.

Speed Performance

ACCESS FROM anywhere with any device

As a SaaS solution, ThreeNamic is always available no matter where you or your customers are.

Speed Performance

BECOME MORE Transparent

Integrate your customers and partners in your process to become more transparent and enable them to work more effective with your business.

Speed Performance

GET DEEP Insights in your data

With our data management you can get granular insights in your business and process data to optimize your processes.

Adapts to your business processes

ThreeNamic can be expanded and integrated anywhere

With TreeNamic you can use your existing data and solutions and bring them to the next level. With our integrations and custom modules we can read and write data in any system to enable your users to work everywhere at any time.

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* Custom integrations are not included in the monthly base fee but are available as additional module.

ThreeNamic Admin
Performance on Laptop

Top Performance

ThreeNamic has high performance base, all structure are focusing on performance as main point. ThreeNamic speed optimization is super fast compared to other process management systems.

Works Perfectly on Any Device!

We believe you will face lots of traffic from mobile device users not only from desktop or laptop users. ThreeNamic is the best solution for you, works fine on any screen resolutions and mobile devices. Try ThreeNamic and see how it works!

Performance on Mobile
Performance on Tablet
  • Product usage insights

ThreeNamic is usable for any company in any industry - from startup up to large, global scale enterprises.
We created some case studies for you to showcase the flexibility of our product.

Case studies

Mechanical engineering
Car Centers
ThreeNamic Headers
Customizable and Customer-Specific

White Label

ThreeNamic is fully customizable even in case of layout. You can whitelabel our platform to use your CI (corporate identity) and give access to your processes to any of your customers.

With our broad network of partners we can offer you a custom implementation of your CI on our platform directly.

Interested? Get a quote!


Customize our Platform, not your processes

Most of our competitors try to force you to integrate your process with their tools. We want to enable every company to use their successful processes and make them digital with ThreeNamic.

Layouts Layouts Layouts


Most companies don't just have one process. That is why you can define any number of processes to support your business.

Sidebars Sidebars Sidebars


A process has individual steps from start to finish. You can define them yourself to match your requirements.

Sliders Sliders Sliders Sliders


You can define and adapt every object in your process, e.g. add a new property such as weight to a product.

Professional Support

Online documentation, videos and forum-support

Any problem while using ThreeNamic? We're here to help you.

Online docomentations - Contains all descriptions related to ThreeNamic usage and features.

Video Documentation - Need visual instructions? Check our video tutorials.

Support Center - Contact us if you get any issue while using ThreeNamic, reply within a day.

ThreeNamic Support ThreeNamic Documentation
Powerful and modular

Plugins and Features

Create your processes using included plugins and ThreeNamic's exclusive features.
It's incredibly easy to build and maintain your processes.

Completely Customizable

ThreeNamic is fully adaptable to your processes. You have the flexibility to customize anything. Starting with a simple process object (e.g. an air freight container) through to the actual process and beyond. By combining several processes, everything runs together so that you can keep an eye on the entire process.

Top Level Support

You can expect a reply within 24 hrs, average response time is 12 hrs. Customer satisfication is our main focus. You won't be alone using ThreeNamic.

Responsive design

Not only does it work flawlessly with all screen resolutions. ThreeNamic offers very intuitive layouts and can also be operated with small resolutions.

Easy to edit

ThreeNamic allows a easy editing and customization.

Functional Forms

ThreeNamic comes with several functional forms, it's very easy to customize and set your data and fields in any page.

Retina Ready

ThreeNamic works fine with any retina devices, we've fully tested ThreeNamic on all retina resolutions including laptops and mobile devices.

Customer access

Exclusive layouts and features enables you to give even your customers access to your process.

SaaS - Software-as-a-Service

No installation, no updates and no maintenance. As a cloud service, ThreeNamic is always up-to-date and secure to use from any location.

Optimized for Speed

Everything is oriented for high speed performance based in the best code standards.

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The ThreeB IT team blogs here about everything about IT and gives advice about our products and services.

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