VDA stands for Verband der Automobilindustrie, the German Automotive Industry Association. The VDA maintain a series of fixed format messages that describe business documents typically exchanged between automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

All the standards are published in German, because at its conception international traffic was not perceived. Because of the volume and technical nature of the material, interpretation of German business terms can sometimes be difficult. Unlike other EDI standards there is no naming convention within the VDA specifications for each element. Therefore there is a reliance on the German text and the foreign language interpretation to uniquely identify it. It is likely that each host will require their own internal naming convention e.g. a 4 numeric code. Its fixed record format does not lend itself to easy conversion to an existing dialect such as EDIFACT or ANSI X12.

Just about every German automotive manufacturer belongs to it so if you do business with the German motor industry you are likely to need to translate VDA.

If your company needs to exchange VDA data with your trading partners but does not have the functionality to translate to and from VDA, we can help. We can convert the incoming data from your trading partner from VDA to Odette, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS or a non EDI format such as CSV and can take your data and convert it to VDA. We support OFTP communications, where required, and can also transfer data via EDI VANs, AS2 or using sFTP/FTP via the Internet.