WS_Edi.Pnrgov.Info Device
ID Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Description Sample
SSD Seat Selection Details
RPI Related product information
UNT Message Trailer
RCI Reservation control information
PTK Pricing/ticketing details
ABI Additional business source information
MON Monetary information
FTI Frequent Traveler Information
MSG Message action details
IFT Interactive free text
EBD Excess Baggage Details
UNE Functional Group Trailer
UNG Functional Group Header
ORG Originator of request details
FAR Fare information
DAT Date and time information
LTS Long Text String
FOP Form of Payment
UNH Message Header
TXD Tax details
TVL Travel product information
TRA Transport identifier
SSR Special Requirements Details
UNA Service String Advice
SRC Segment repetition control
TRI Traveller Reference Information
SAC Source And Action Information
TBD Traveler Baggage Details
REF Reference information
UNZ Interchange Trailer
EQN Number of units
TIF Traveler information
ERC Errors identified in the message (coded) if sent to Carrier
ADD Address Information
UNB Interchange Header Segment
TKT Ticket number detail
APD Additional product details