UN / EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) is a cross-industry international standard for the format of electronic data in business transactions. EDIFACT is one of several international EDI standards. A UN body called CEFACT, which is affiliated with UNECE, is responsible for the EDIFACT standard.

The basic standardization concept of EDIFACT is that there are uniform message types whose English name is United Nations Standard Message (UNSM). In so-called subsets, the message types can be specified in more detail for each branch.

Each message consists of an envelope that wraps the message content in a similar way to an envelope. This envelope consists of the segments UNB and UNZ. This envelope contains the agreed code numbers for the sender and recipient, as well as the content of the message, times for tracing and checking elements. A message itself consists of segments, data element groups and data elements.

The optional segment UNA plays a special role as it defines the segment and element separator as well as the decimal separator for all subsequent data.

ID Type Short Type Description Sample