Thimo Buchheister

Founder & CEO

It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.

Thimo is the founder and CEO of ThreeB IT GmbH. With his experience in the field of software development and as managing director of various companies, his main task is to plan his own projects over the long term, to keep track of developments and to take over communication with partners.

As a software developer, Thimo specializes in cloud and mobile development. Thanks to various certifications such as the (unfortunately no longer available) "Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer" and his experience as head of software development for some large software projects, he contributes to making ThreeB IT products something very special. Since Thimo had insights into various large companies as a freelancer, he also often brings new perspectives to the projects.

As an early adopter in all areas of technology - above all.Net and AI - and regular large and small discussions at conferences, meetups and other events, he always tries to be one step ahead. He regularly passes on this expertise as a speaker and consultant and blogs about current technologies in the ThreeB IT blog.

Thimo Buchheister


In order to be able to use the latest technologies, we continue to educate ourselves.