Silicon Valley - the IT capital?

Through these companies, Silicon Valey became a stronghold for the IT and high-tech industries. Deutsche Telekom, Daimler AG, IBM, Microsoft, Netflix, Volkswagen and many other large companies therefore settled there as well. Even research centers from NASA or the Mentak Research Institute are represented there. With a turnover of €180 billion spread across 7,000 companies, no IT cluster is as successful worldwide as Silicon Valley. We visited it ourselves on our trip to get an impression. If you go into Silicon Valley, it looks like a small suburb, not high-rise buildings, the land that every small building builds, but everyone also has their own area in Silicon Valley. So you can see a few streets of different Google signs for buildings spread over a huge area, they have their own little village. You can visit the Google Park, you can simply park on Google and take photos with the Android figures or simply stroll through the company's own park. Facebook, on the other hand, had nothing more to offer than this picture shown above, but unfortunately you are not allowed on the premises there. Apple's visitor center, on the other hand, was, as Apple knows, beautifully designed and an experience from the inside as well as from the outside. Unfortunately you could not visit the Apple Park (the well-known round building) itself, there was the possibility to see the entire area digitally on an iPad. However, not just a video, it was a table with different contours built, this was scanned with the iPad camera and you could design and experience the tour interactively according to your own wishes. NASA also has a visitor center, which was unfortunately converted to our stay, but we could still see something and also visit the shop. Since most visitors are passionate about IT and tech, the Computer Science Museum is still highly recommended, a super structured museum with good content and exhibits. We spent about a day in Silicon Valley and you can rightly claim Silicon Valley is the capital for IT and high-tech. It's like a city that's just there for it, people live here without it being stressful or exhausting. A great place that deserves its success.

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