San Francisco Weekend

Our hotel was about half an hour outside of San Francisco (we only managed this time thanks to the traffic lane), but this was no problem thanks to the rental car. Our hotel was on the water and was very nice, so service was all right. It was like a small town, but you drove to San Francisco within half an hour in a big city. However, if you drove half an hour in a different direction, you were either in a beautiful green landscape in which you could find a farmer on the road every 20km. But you can also find densely overgrown forests or the desert if you choose a different direction, I personally found this scene change very nice, I haven't seen anything like this before. So here you will never get bored and for a holiday you have to plan a few days to see everything you want. We were limited in time, but luckily we had Thimo who was there a few times. This allowed us to make a good plan and saw a lot in little time. If you're following our social media channels, you've certainly seen some photos, if you can't watch them, there are real highlights. PIER39, Cable Car, Silicon Valley and the beautiful west coast are a few places we visited and each had its own peculiarity. After visiting NASA, Google or Apple, we went to eat American classics like AppleBee's, Jack in The Box or even the well-known Cheesecake Factory. The food was always super tasty and the portions are sufficient, you can say the food there is more extreme, so sweet is really sweet but also really spicy, but I think everyone finds something there. Because even if the classics don't inspire you, there are usually other restaurants where you get pretty much everything you can imagine. It was a wonderful and exciting journey and I am looking forward to the next one. Finally, I can only make a clear recommendation, San Francisco is in my opinion a destination that makes everyone happy, should someone there be unhappy always think about it, the complete opposite is only a short drive away.

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